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Learn More About Granite Stones in Egyptian Culture and Construction

Everyone knows that granite is an object used in construction for several years now. We realize that it's chosen due to the durability, strength and sweetness. As you can see, like the majority of natural stones, this is found on the crust of the earth. It is a kind of igneous rock full of minerals. However, did you ever know that this was used like a special material for building special tombs in the past; that people existing hundreds of years ago happen to be using the stone?

Misr Culture

Have you ever seen the different pyramids of Egypt? Are you aware that many of these were produced from granite? In addition to the different materials used to build their structures, this gemstone was often utilized in inner walls of Egyptian palaces for ornaments and decoration purposes. They were also used as materials to build the various pyramids. As you can tell, due to the appeal of the stone, the folks of Egypt made a decision to use it for royalty.

The various granite stones used in construction in the duration of the Egyptians originated from Aswan, which is found south of Giza. To obtain there, you will have to go upstream. Apart from construction, archaeologists have discovered remnants of statues made from granite. They are monuments built for Egyptian pharaohs such as Ramses II.

Just imagine how difficult it must be on their behalf, without technology, to pound this type of hard object. Simultaneously, notice how these structures continue to be standing. Using the durability and longevity of the material, people at the moment can savor the sights from the pyramids and other Egyptian structures. As you can see, granite isn't just employed in industrial buildings at present but it was actually a material employed for majestic structures.

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